Consulting firm in the development of office spaces

General contractor

ALRYUS acting as a general contractor to support your company in all the actions to make your new installation.

A tailor-made approach

Consulting firm in the development of office spaces, ALRYUS can follow your company in her project of installation as follows :

  • Analysis and drafting of functional and organizational requirements of entities transferred to the building: quantitative and qualitative needs,, operating and image requirements
  • Analysis and drafting of the technical requirements: electricity, IT, safety and security, air treatments
  • Functional and technical analysis of the building , for a better adaptation and better conception of your office: inventory of the existing building stock, space planning, partition, technical recommendations, decorative services ...
  • Turnkey operation: design and build of your office, decoration work integrating selection and harmonization of furniture equipment, colors, lighting, ceilings, floor coverings, all of this with a prices undertaking.

Mission summary

  • Realization of a turnkey project with a delay and price commitment
  • Make immediate appointments to make a point of your needs.
  • Realization of the specifications, plans, budget and detailed quote.
  • Initiation of your project and management of various authorizations
  • Procurement, steering and coordination of works
  • Delivery of final implementation file (DOE)
  • Post transfer intervention (after-sales service)


  • Drawing (DWG plan… )
  • Partitioning
  • Painting - Plumbing - Heating
  • Air Conditioning / Ventilation
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Locksmithing
  • Acoustic - Lighting - Signage (visual communication)
  • Furniture equipment - Arrangement

Design office

Drawing :

Production of plans

Synthetic image systems

Building permit

Advance declaration

Space planning

Technical studies :

Price studies

Low/Strong current

Air conditioner





Accompanying mission


1) Realization of a programming report to define the necessary surface of the project

2) Visit for technical assistance of building facilities

3) Realization of space planning plans

4) Realization of the works budget